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Name: Tim Hackett
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School: Clemson University
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Life Story with a Little Clemson History

Upon graduation from High School in Atlanta I narrowed my college search to Ga Tech, Auburn and Clemson. I actually enrolled at Auburn after my visit to Clemson as more of my high school colleagues were going there and none were going to Clemson. Upon arrival at Auburn I asked myself why I did not elect to go to a top ranked Architectural school over Auburn and never unpacked my car and drove to Clemson and was fortunately still able to enroll. I was assigned a dorm room in the Tin Cans E6 and roommate from Barnwell SC. First night on campus he asks if I want to go to "Study Hall" Needless to say I wondered if I had made a mistake but soon found out it was the beerhall downtown where Subway is now. I learned more about South Carolina politics, beach music and Carolina culture in one week than you can imagine. I was given a cow bell and rat hat and had my head shaved the first week like all rats. Again I asked what had I done. I went to the Presidents picnic and met RC Edwards and Moonpie. Then the freshman pep rally in Fike where they taught you the cheers and when I came face to face with Frank Howard for the first time. Being a Bobby Dodd and Ga Tech fan from Atlanta I had to wonder what the hype was all about. Well the mike did not work. It was turned off but just as Coach Howard spoke his explanative about the problem the mike came on and it echoed thru Fike Field house and as no one else but Frank Howard could have done he took the potential negative and turned it into a rousing pep rally I will never forget. My first week as a rat I was sent to Macs for hamburger steaks and burgers. Only 2 problems - freshman had no cars and I had no idea where Mac's was. I could have gotten to the Varsity in Atlanta easier. Needless to say the upperclassman who I never saw again did not get his food and I did not get back to the dorm until late in the night. Yes I recall hall hockey, hall pay phones, hearing doors slam as Bob Jones students started down the hall and ROTC formations on the Quad and Bowman Field. I remember polishing brass belt buckles and spit shinning shoes. I remember rat hats and ties worn to the football games, the rebel flag, country gentleman and the tiger. I remember how good things were and learned of the traditions of First Friday, beating the drum, Carolina bonfire and Tigerama in Death Valley, rubbing the rock, running down the hill, visiting the paw with the crown on the field and how hot Fike field house was for basketball. I remember you kept from starving because of the canteen or chef salads at the Clemson house on Sundays. I remember it was a lot closer to the Esso Club from the Frat quad than any other dorms on campus and that James Taylor and "Carolina on your mind" reigned supreme 24X7 in the KA house and over the quad. I remember how cold the walk is in front of the library in winter and the pain of parking tickets from Deputy Dawg. I remember the addition of the upper deck and how hard it is when you have 3 or 4 home games in a row to get your academic responsibly done. I remember when the west campus had all girls’ dorms with curfews and panty raids and the true meaning of a fire alarm. After learning how far it was to walk from Architecture to the PA building to Tillman for ROTC I realized the "small" college was actually quite large. I learned that the lights never go out in Lee Hall and did my time of all-nighters there. I saw Littlejohn built and kept learning my parking place was getting closer and closer to the Lake or Anderson. I remember road trips to Lander, Anderson College and Furman for dates and having to sit on the other side of the room in the parlor at Anderson College. Then there were the trips to Central Steak House and late night trips to Shoneys in Anderson. Yes I was certain I had seen my best times at Clemson.
However it was actually not until after graduation I had came to fully understand what it meant to sing " where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness, where the tigers play, here the sons (and at that time was becoming daughters) of dear old Clemson reign supreme alway". It was not until I brought my daughter to tailgate and slide down the hill and I met her at the paw that I saw the real grandness of Clemson life. Then there was the day I brought my daughter to her first day at Anderson because it was safe and close to Clemson that I began to enjoy my fond memories. Then came my daughters transfer to Clemson and years of return visits that I realized I now have seen the better days of Clemson.
I still bring my cowbell and rat hat to share that tradition at each game. I have come to realize some things change and some traditions remain but rest assured Dear Ol Clemson shall reign supreme always. I also have come to realize that each day at Clemson is the best day there and they only get better. This is my life story a story of being blessed to have attended Clemson University and being a member of the Clemson family.
PS We partied very differently '81 but 2016 was great and 2018 will be even better. Go Tigers

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