02/14Liberty5-3 WACCNX
02/15Liberty1-0 WACCNX
02/16Liberty6-2 W
02/19Furman3-2 WACCNX
02/21Stony Brook2-0 WACCNX
02/22Stony Brook1-0 WACCNX
02/23Stony Brook3-1 WACCNX
02/25East Tennessee State5-3 LACCNX
02/28@South Carolina7-1 WSECN+
02/29@South Carolina8-5 L
03/01South Carolina5-2 WACCNX
03/04College of Charleston11-2 LACCNX
03/06Boston College4-3 W
03/07Boston College12-5 WACCNX
03/08Boston College7-6 WACCNX
03/10Presbyterian College12-0 WACCNX
03/11Winthrop3-2 WACCNX
03/13@Wake Forest
6:00 PM
03/14@Wake Forest3:00 PMACCN
03/15@Wake Forest1:00 PMACCNX
03/17@Coastal Carolina6:00 PM
03/20@Notre Dame5:00 PMACCNX
03/21@Notre Dame4:00 PMACCN
03/22@Notre Dame1:00 PMACCNX
03/24Coastal Carolina7:00 PMACCN
03/27Georgia Tech7:00 PMACCNX
03/28Georgia Tech3:00 PMACCNX
03/29Georgia Tech1:00 PMACCNX
03/31@College of Charleston6:00 PM
04/03Pittsburgh6:00 PMACCNX
04/04Pittsburgh5:00 PMACCNX
04/05Pittsburgh12:00 PMACCNX
04/07@Georgia6:00 PMSEC+
04/10@Louisville3:00 PMACCN
04/11@Louisville7:00 PMACCN
04/12@Louisville2:00 PMACCNX
04/14@Furman6:00 PMSDN
04/17@Duke6:00 PMACCNX
04/18@Duke1:00 PMACCNX
04/19@Duke1:00 PMACCNX
04/21Georgia6:00 PMACCNX
04/24NC State6:00 PMACCNX
04/25NC State1:00 PMRSN
04/26NC State1:00 PMACCNX
05/02William & Mary1:00 PMACCN
05/02William & Mary5:00 PMACCNX
05/03William & Mary1:00 PMESPN
05/05The Citadel6:00 PMACCNX
05/06Charleston Southern6:00 PMACCNX
05/08@Miami (Fla.)7:00 PMACCNX
05/09@Miami (Fla.)7:30 PMACCN
05/10@Miami (Fla.)4:00 PMACCN
05/12@The Citadel6:00 PMSDN
05/14Florida State6:00 PMACCNX
05/15Florida State6:00 PMACCNX
05/16Florida State3:00 PMACCNX

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